2 Week Camp


This program focuses on encouraging young artists to experience college life. While staying on a college campus for 2 weeks, young artists will learn from current university professors, participate in an orientation on art school majors and receive essential campus life tips.

This program can also help young artists who are uncertain about what they want to study at college find their intended majors. They will have the opportunity to experience classes in the various majors offered at art schools.

This program allows young artists to experience New York by visiting top art schools with fellow international students. Through trips to the museum and a musical, they will experience the vibrant cultural life of NY.


Experience College life. Stay 2 weeks on the college campus class with professors from prestige art college


Perfect major match and selection experience sample courses for different majors uncertain about what you want to study?

Once in a lifetime opportunity to experience all majors and find their own hidden potential. In this camp, you can find the major that is right for you.


Broad vision explorer prestige Art College and NYC visit top Art College with fellow international students experience the vibrant cultural life of New York through trips to museum and tour the city.


  1. Find Your Perfect Major
    Learn about the majors offered at art schools through our professor’s guided presentations and diverse classes.
  2. Tour and Learn about Top Art Schools
    Visit and explore top art schools with fellow students from around the world and create an international network of peers.
  3. Take College Level Art School Classes
    Get a glimpse into top art school classes with classes taught by our lineup of college professors.
  4. Learn the Keys to a Good GPA
    Learn about the majors from various colleges and the college grading system. (Syllabus … discussion)
  5. Experience College Dormitory Life
    With 2 weeks of stay in premium on campus living, experience real college life and culture.
  6. Exhibition of Your Work
    An exhibition featuring the work from the major of your choosing is the highlight of finding your perfect major.
  7. Learn Art Vocabulary
    Be steps ahead of the competition. With our classes you will learn technical art terms and gain valuable insight into college level art courses.
  8. Discover NYC: Museum & Musical
    With visits to a museum and musical, experience the heart of NYC culture. (*optional package may involve additional fees).