Art Access for All

PI Art Center is an established art institution in the East Coast. Since 1986, we have continuously welcomed students from all over the world to support them in creating a one-of-a-kind art portfolio. And over 35 years of experience, we try to provide the best formula for students based on their background.
Art portfolios consist of endless possibilities and modes of expression. Our advanced program is designed to help students think outside the box. The classes, traditional practices and modern technology, are structured to assist students express themselves and experiment with their own countless ideas and words. With careful observation and open communication, our instructors collaborate with students to refine their work and enhance their portfolios. All of our students can excel to their fullest potential and gain admission to prestigious BFA & MFA programs.

Who Needs Our Program?

Our program is for students alike that strive to build a strong art portfolio: middle schoolers, high schoolers, and college. Whether you need it for art college or as an extracurricular activity, we accept all applicants with an interest in the visual arts.
No previous art experience is needed. We will help you from the beginning to the end of your creative journey.

What Makes Us Special?

Our instructors are professionally trained artists that find excitement in teaching their students. Depending on their instructor, students are inspired to think, create, and complete their portfolio. The program consists of multiple classes you can choose from.
The PI staffs consists of a group of individuals each with their own specialized background in the visual arts. If you are a young aspiring artist, we will always have someone who is eager to help you! Students also have the opportunity to work as an intern and receive recommendation letters from instructors.

PI’s Perspective

To improve a student’s portfolio, it is best for them to experience all ranges of visual arts. Our program caters towards the needs of students; classes like illustration, 3D, digital art, animation, and architecture are currently in high demand. PI believes in following new trends and listening to what our students are interested in creating every year.

Our Accomplishments

For 35 years, PI Art Center has continually helped students to grow into creative individuals. With their chosen majors, our previous students entered their target schools with scholarships. Our team advises students to work toward their interests and build a portfolio based on those. We also believe in continuous communication with students because it lays out more structure for them to work with. Below are examples of students that have completed the program:
Angelina – Accepted to SAIC, Pratt Institute, SVA, MICA, SCAD, Ringling
Leo – Accepted to Pratt Institute, Parsons, RISD
Aoi – Accepted to Parsons, Pratt Institute, SVA, MICA
Jordana – Accepted to Drexel University, Ringling, SVA, SCAD
Angelina – (attending) SAIC $63,000 total
Leo – (attending) RISD $47,700 yearly
Aoi – (attending) Parsons School of Design $15,000 yearly
Jordana – (attending) SVA
[Awards and prizes]
Badah – Scholastic Art & Writing (Gold medal)
Lana – Scholastic Art & Writing (Honorable mention)
Hannah – Celebrating Art

Previous students and their works